New Orleans, 1990. It was supposed to get better. Two decades of politicans, all promising improved quality of life had come and gone. And nothing had happened. The industry had moved on to greener pastures leaving the city a haunted husk of what it had once been. The crime rate spiked in the late 80s, the shadows grew darker, the richer got richer and the poorer got poorer. It seems like the crack epidemic of the 70s just never stopped. People started disappearing and most didn’t seem to care. Most were just trying to get on with their lives in this dark world. A few were behind all the bad things happening, and even fewer still were the people keeping up a vigil against the darkness. Regular men and women taking a stand against the things that go bump in the night. Human beings rising up against the evil and declaring unequivocally that things have to change – one shotgun blast at a time if need be.

New Times in New Orleans